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~ Thursday, June 3 ~

alternative history event

in 1492 christofer columbus discover america this isimportant because allow the european country to become industrialize and become more power full also they imfluence there curture to  the native on america.

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alternative history(china age of exploration)

in 1492 the firts person to discover the americans was woud ching dong he was the first chine man to actually belief that the world was square and

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~ Monday, March 29 ~

homework 3/18/10

  • What is the name of your story?

the name of my group is brad carrigan, american 

  • What outcome did your group pick for this week?

we pick outcome 20 that was to indentify the literary element in our story

  • In one at least two paragraphs, explain how the outcome is related to your story.

my outcome is related to my story is that during our reading we find lterary element and so we know that any tory iompose of lterary elementlike alery rony and more.

my story is connecto to the outcome because they heve literary element like irony and sarcasm in my story so because my story have literary element and i have to find literary element is was easy to do the outcome.


Graphic Novels Part 2 

Graphic Novels Part 2

Hey, there.

If you read one of the grapic novels, please do the following:

1. Write a summary of the story. What did you think of it?

2. Write a description of the artwork. What did you think of it?

3. Pick a theme song for this graphic novel. Attach a link to a video or upload a song — but make sure the song is somehow connected to the graphic novel.

4. Explain how you think it is connected.

That’s it.

~ Thursday, February 25 ~

Homework 2/23/10 — TIMELINE

1. Identify key events in your life from your birthday to today. Use what you came up with from the “What Happened On Your Birthday” activity and add any other events that you feel are important.

For example, these questions can help you get started:

  •  When were you born?

                 i was born on october 16 1992

                   on this day in history  

  • When did you first speak and/or take your first step?

                        i spoke at the age of 2, 1994

                     on this day in history

  •  When was your first day of school?

              my first day of school was september 5 of 1996

                         on this day in history

  •   When were your siblings or other relatives close to you born?

          the most closer siblings in my life is my sister she was born april 18 1990

                            on this day in history

  • When did you and/or your family make a significant move?

         the most significant move of my family was when we move to the united stated on may 27 2004

on this day in history

  •  When did you start high school?

                                       i stared high school in september 8 2006

                                               on this day in history

  • What are some other major world events that happened in your life?


  • What were some major achievements in your life, such as key sports wins, artistic or creative recognition, academic accomplishments or meeting an important person in your life?
  •  When did you start your first job?

You can use microsoft office 2007 or you can try this website,, or you can make one yourself with paper, as long as it looks pretty.

Also, looking to be High Performing material? Try adding important headlines to some of the events on your timeline (use the nytimes search that we practiced in class).

~ Wednesday, February 24 ~

homework 2/24/10 flashfiction story of the picture

Africa the land of hunger and fear the land of the great lion and the mix caring children this is the story of Kagunda a 5 year orphan child that when he was born his mother die during bird because the only doctor of the village didn’t want to attend then because they didn’t have money to pay for his services. his father a 58 year old farmer was kill by the military when he was just 3 year old he was all alone not one one care for him, his only way of surviving was by farming the land that his father left him but after his father dead not rain has fall on his small village. he has not eating a nutritional meal for year the only thing that he eat is trash from the dump and the rat that live on there. sometime when he is to weak to move and he doesn’t find nothing to eat he eat his waisted and drink his orine to continuing to survive. one day like always kagunda when to find food but this time something happen his neighbor see that he leave his house at the morning but he never come back three day later a hunter from the wahilly tribe find his body all eat up by the Vulture his rest. a leg, his skull with out eyes, nose, ear, and ligt and a piece of his stomach that was find inside his skull were the only think that were left. the rest of his body was never to be find, the doctor autopsy predict that he feint  at the middle of the savana and the Vulture way until the sun finish the deed and the banquet beging.


this  is the story of most of the African children that are alone in Africa but ka

Part 3:

Write a reflection about your story that explains how your story shows sociological imagination. [Sociological imagination is the the connection between 1) personal troubles and public issues, 2) personal behavior and social interaction, 3) biography and history, 4) individuals and wider society, as well as other overlaps between the private and public life.]

Part 4:

Finish your timeline and email itto Dolan at

~ Monday, February 22 ~

Classwork 2/22/10

Directions for The New York Times Search for “What Happened on the Day I Was Born”

1. List 10 HEADLINES.

  1. Review/Film; Science-Fiction Horrors In a Housing Project


    October 16, 1992 -   - Movies - Review - 648 words
  2. Review/Film; A Would-Be Star Tells The Stories of His Life


    October 16, 1992 -   - Movies - Review - 606 words
  3. Reviews/Film; Meeting the Neighbors Is a Very Big Mistake


    October 16, 1992 -   - Movies - Review - 890 words
  4. Review/Film; Drugs, Gangs And Reform Via Love


    October 16, 1992 -   - Movies - Review - 648 words
  5. Review/Film; Struggle in the Mideast In Historical Perspective


    October 16, 1992 -   - Movies - Review - 611 words                                                                                                                   
  6.    Leak of Radioactive Steam Closes Lithuania’s A-Plant

A radioactive steam leak forced Lithuania’s only nuclear power plant to shut down today, but the nation’s nuclear agency said no radiation had escaped. The steam leaked inside a reactor building at Ignalina, but testing did not indicate a rise in the radi…

October 16, 1992 - - World - News - 89 words


October 16, 1992 -   - World - News - 1417 words


October 16, 1992 -   - World - Biography - 1068 words


October 16, 1992 -   - World - News - 945 words

  • Health Insurance Cuts

    The Bush Administration has decided to urge the Supreme Court to rule that employers may cut health insurance coverage of workers who develop costly illnesses like AIDS, Government lawyers said. The move is expected in the next few days. Article, page A18…

    October 16, 1992 - - Front Page - Summary - 44 words

  • 2. Discuss and summarize 2 ARTICLES.

    the health insurence cut article is about that the government of george bush father want that congress apruve a low to made every employer to cut the health insurance of the employers workers. 

    the leak of radioactive steam closes lithuanian’s A-plant article is about that this power plant was close because there was a leak of but at the end they find thet there was not radiationin the power plant.

    Part 3: Think

    • Before doing this activity were you aware of any of these events and that they occurred on your birthday?

                           no i didn’t know

    • Is there anything about any of these events that surprises you?

                  on any of this event i was not surprice.

    • Do you have any connections, large or small to any of these events?

             i don;t cany connection with this event larger or smoller

    • Do you think that any of these events had an impact, large or small, on your life or those of your family members that you know of?

           not this event haven’t gat any effect on my life and no effect to my family   members

    • What conclusions can you draw about what your city/town was like on the day you were born based on this newspaper? What other observations can be made?

    i don’t know because i didn’t find any article of my regen or town of my country

    ~ Thursday, February 11 ~

    dollan class homework an d outcome. 2/11/10

    1. explain why you think you accomplished this outcome (recognizes what sociology is + how it is different from natural sciences + other social science).

     i believe that i have accomplished this outcome because i know the difference from all this science and i finish my workshep the diference between all this science is that natural science is related to the world and they physical and geologycal formation like biology and geology they study plant and animal and the soil were they live on, sociology study the human develop of civilization and how they react with each other,this two scieces are difference from other social science because the other social science are just root of sociology like economic and history this root of sociology study the economic and the historycal event of human in this world.

    2. Examine something you care about through the lens of the “sociological imagination.”

    3. Search for another blog about something you like and that you can connect to sociology somehow (that’s almost anything!). Start following that blog. Reblog something or quote something from it — and explain why you like you reblogged or quoted it.

    4. Explain one “trouble” and how it connects to an “issue.” (Remember, that trouble” and “issue” have specific meanings in the sociological imagination — check the paper from today…)

    the problen is to get pregnan as a teen nad raise a child alone with out a male partner nex to you.

    the essue is that teen pregnancy have become so comment in the world that most of the world birth are from teen girl.

    ~ Wednesday, February 10 ~

    Homework 2/8/10 

    Based on today’s reading and worksheet #3, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how sociology is different from other social sciences.

    The difference between sociology and social science is that sociology study the human reaction to there sorounder and how they vehabior is affected by it also sociology study the society of human, and try to answer this question like why there is difference social class and why people act to other the way they do. social science study the earth and alll living organism and how they are put together in a reality were each one need each other survive. 

    ~ Sunday, February 7 ~

    Homework 2/4/10

    PART 1:

    1. What is the difference between sociology and biology? 

    the difference between this two science is that sociology study the human develop and connection thought each other and biology study all living organism and how they are connected to each other and how they are created.  

       2.  What is an example of social life or social interaction or social change or groups or societies or human behaviors that is interesting to you? Why?

     the most attractive thing that attractme is the human behavior in specific the human teen behavior the interesting part is that they change from being happy in a moment to be sad and from being sad to map and on and on but at the end they all end happy that weird

    PART 2:

    Using worksheets #1 and #2, write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how the natural sciences are different from the social sciences. Use as many examples from your worksheets as possible. 

    The diference between social science and natural science is that they have difference root that study difference event, system and object like biology a natural science have two root it study plants and animal care, while anthropoly have the same number of root but they study difference think one study culture and the other phsysical anothe example that show how natural cience is difference from social science is the comparation of geology a natural science and psychology a social science they are difference because one study mineral meaning formation of dirt or soil and the other study clinical. so in conclusion they are difference because natural science involve nature and all the difference living and non living think and social science is connnected to all human creation and cultural and phisical part of then.